Conscious alignment with Spirit, Nature, and the Essence of Self and Others.


Joining with others in resonance and shared genius to fulfill your heartfelt purpose.



Makasha Roske

Makasha brings over 50 years experience as a social architect, meta designer, entrepreneur, futurist, promoter, networker and spiritual guide to his partnership in LCCA. As co-founder and steward of Hummingbird Community, he continues to be a major contributor to this living laboratory of Co-Creation. Read more.

Katharine Roske

Katherine, a social pioneer, educator, author, public speaker, ceremonialist and grandmother, has a deep commitment to the realization of a co-creative planetary culture. She is a co-founder and steward of Hummingbird Community and was Program Director for Hummingbird Living School for the past 17 years. Read more.

Carolyn Anderson

Carolyn is a co-founder and the co-director of Global Family and a founding steward of Hummingbird Community. Author, speaker, seminar leader and global networker, Carolyn is committed to shifting consciousness to unity and love and to awakening humanity to its full potential. Read more.

Sanford Anderson

Sanford is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about engaging a critical mass of people to sustain the higher mind and compassionate heart needed to evolve and engage the significant challenges and opportunities we face today. Read more.


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We thank all those who have inspired and guided the way for us over the years: Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, Teilhard de Chardin, Eckhart Tolle, Barbara Marx Hubbard and so many others.

We are also grateful to the members of our Hummingbird Community and other beloved friends, too numerous to mention, for their love and support as social pioneers in this great adventure of consciousness and Co-Creation.

May each of us find our perfect partners and express our full potential as we contribute to the birth of a planetary Co-Creative culture.