Personal Coaching

Are you living your heartfelt purpose? Do you yearn to make more of a difference? Are you ready to experience a deeper sense of meaning and fulfillment? Could your relationships be more harmonious and satisfying? We can assist you in gaining clarity and understanding to support your personal empowerment. Contact us for a free half hour introductory session.

Group Consulting

Is your team, organization, or community wanting to breakthrough to another level of mastery, coherence, and impact? Are you living your shared purpose? Does each member of your group feel empowered and fully engaged? Do you want support in making your vision a reality? For decades we have been guiding groups to make the shift to a partnership model that fosters heartfelt alignment and calls forth the best and most creative in each member of a team. Contact us for a free half-hour introductory consultation.

Ceremonial Services

Makasha and Katharine offer a wide range of highly co-created ceremonies that honor the individual needs of the clients. Ceremonial offerings, be it a wedding, memorial service, blessing way, rite of passage, or house or land blessing, become an exquisite expression of their clients personal values and spiritual tradition. Contact Katharine to explore how you could utilize these services.